Should we book in advance?

There is absolutely no need to book in advance unless you are a group of 20 people or more.

Is there a long waiting-line?

The attraction can hold over 300 people an hour, so waiting time to get in can be pretty short. In high season it can get crowded, so you better come before 1 PM or after 4 PM…

Is it a good place for groups?

Yes, definitely! Groups of 20 or more get a discount rate and a reserved arrival time. For information and reservations, contact us at 514 499-0099 ext 223.

Is it better to buy tickets in advance?

No need. Just present yourself at our ticket office onsite at Hangar 16. Since we can accommodate over 300 people per hour, there is usually very little waiting to get in. Have a great adventure!

What are the payment options?

Cash, debit cards and credit cards (MasterCard and Visa).

What is the age-group for this activity?

SOS Labyrinthe is designed to appeal to everyone, regardless of age. Whether experiencing it with the family, with friends or in a group, everyone has a great time. Guaranteed fun!

Is the place accessible to strollers and visitors with limited mobility?

The attraction is located on the 2nd floor and is only accessible by climbing a stairway. Those who wish may leave their stroller on the ground floor but must bring a padlock to lock it. In the maze, ground obstacles can be by-passed, making it an easy experience for the whole family.

Furthermore, the activity does not require physical exertion beyond a long walk at your own pace…

Note: Only the TLCS card (tourist and leisure companion sticker) is accepted to grant free entry to the companion of a person at least 12 years old with a physical disability or mental health problem and requiring the assistance of an attendant in his outings.


What kind of food will I find?

A variety of beverages to quench the largest thirsts and a variety of sweet, salty and frozen snacks, enough to satisfy the cravings of young and old! And you’ll be able to enjoy these treats our beautiful indoor and outdoor terrace offering stunning views of the Old Port and Old Montreal.



How long does an SOS Labyrinth adventure last?

The full experience lasts between 45 and 60 minutes on average.  The adventure can be longer or shorter depending on each person or group.

What if I get lost?

It’s impossible not to get lost! The real question is: will I find myself again? Well, have no fear, just holler SOS! A member of our inline skating longshoremen team is always ready to help an adventurer in trouble.

Is it educational?

Certainly. At SOS, we learn by playing, and all learning experiences come though fun and action.
The very purpose of the game is to explore an old maritime warehouse in search of the treasures of the longshoremen. Each of these objects tells a story linked to our heritage, to the port, to the river. And the adventure leads to a series of very stimulating discoveries. Check out “The Adventure” web page.

What if I have to get out quickly?

No problem. In case of emergency, simply follow the well-indicated signs leading towards the emergency exits. In addition, the walls of the maze are made of canvas, so you can just pass under the panels.

What is the ideal age for children to experience SOS?

That’s a difficult question to answer. Some children 4 to 5 years old are very comfortable in the maze despite the crowds and noise, while other children, aged 8 or 9 are not comfortable in the maze. That’s when the presence of parents makes all the difference. All children 13 years-old or less must be accompanied by adult in the maze.

Is it scary?

SOS is like a funhouse, so the experience is above all fun and exciting. It is not fear-based, though one may feel some apprehension in the course of the action. It’s all about having fun.



Who is the evening of inquiry for?

With its 3 levels of difficulty, the activity is oriented to provide an experience for teenagers and adults. However, children can also participate in this activity as a family. The presence of parents to help solve puzzles is essential.

Does it happen in the dark?

No, not in complete darkness anyway. We close the overhead lighting, which plunges the maze in the shadows, but some light comes through the windows. The darker it is outside, the darker it is inside!

Is it scary?

Since the “Detectives in the Dark” adventure takes place in the twilight, it can be more intimidating for some children. On the other hand, the experience is above all playfull and exciting. Although it is not focused on fear, that sensation may be felt in the heat of action. The important thing is to have fun!

Do I have to bring my flashlight?

No, it is offered to you with the purchase of your ticket.

What are the levels of difficulty?

There are 3 different levels of difficulty, to offer you a unique experience with family or friends: Beginners Level (around 60 min.), Intermediate Level (around 90min.), Experienced Level (around 2h.).

What’s the schedule for “Detectives in the dark”?

The “Detectives in the dark” adventure is showcased from June 28 to August 25, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 7:30 pm to 10 pm. Be advised that departures for the Experienced Level will only be allowed between 7:30 and 8:30 PM.

Are the rates and duration the same?

No, rates are variable depending on the level of difficulty chosen. Note that a flashlight is included in the price of the activity and will be provided at the time of your departure. The duration is also variable level. No group or family package is applicable for “Detectives in the dark”.



Is this the same labyrinth as the one of my youth?

Hmmm… It all depends on when you were born!

In the beginning, there was SOS Labyrinthe on King-Edward pier, from 1991 to 1998. The 45 000 sq ft maze was themed as “the Mystery Cargo Ship”.  That original concept offered guests of all ages a series of learning experiences in a funhouse-style environment patrolled by wacky in-line-skating sailors. SOS Labyrinthe closed its doors in 1998 to make way for the Science Centre. Video SOS Labyrinthe La Mission

In 2001, another promoter opens the “Labyrinthe du Hangar 16” on the second floor of Hangar 16. Very similar to the original SOS Labyrinthe, this attraction will carry on the tradition for 11 years, before closing in 2011. And finally, SOS Labyrinthe makes its comeback in 2015, in Hangar 16, to everyone’s pleasure!



Who is SOS Labyrinthe’s creator?

Paul Chartier created SOS Labyrinthe. The renowned playmaster is also the creator of Cancun’s MayaVentura, the Just For laughs Maze and Parc Safari’s Mission Safari.

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