Adventure beckons!

  • Adventure beckons!
  • Adventure beckons!
  • Adventure beckons!
Seek out the 4 treasures of the longshoremen by exploring a 2 km-long maze filled with obstacles and traps. And have a great time, guaranteed!
Many challenges and tricky twists and turns that keep you laughing and guessing all the way!
And you can count on our in-line-skating longshoremen: they’re always ready to help you… get lost!



Theming and historical content behind the adventure…

The Old Port of Montreal’s Hangar 16 is over 105 years old! SOS Labyrinthe celebrates this historical icon throughout its theming.

According to our legend… In 1942, two young apprentices named Stevie and Mayday start working as longshoremen at Hangar 16. They spend their lives moving and storing tons of cargo and merchandise.

As years go by, the Hangar 16 longshoremen witness many historic events about Montreal and the St. Lawrence River… And they collect many objects related to these historic moments, objects they lovingly call the treasures of the longshoremen.

When Hangar 16 closes down in the 1970s, Stevie and Mayday become its day-and-night watchmen and permanent occupants… And with the passage of time, they are completely forgotten! But they have not forgotten their treasures of the longshoremen, and they want you to know about them and their stories.

Now over 90 years old, our two mischievous companions have transformed Hangar 16 into a gigantic maze very hard to navigate, full of challenges and dead-ends.  

And each summer, they select 4 objects from the treasures of the Longshoremen and challenge you to find them!

Historical Content
Each treasure of the longshoremen is linked to historical facts related to Montreal, its river or its harbor. A number of posters tell the stories behind these treasures, allowing you to grasp the historical significance of these little known facts.

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